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adjective [ indefinite, invariable ] [ masculine-feminine mouth Shallow FYM heel Cyan Shoes SHOES High Solid Fine Color size Big Sharp DYF 12cm aqw7aFB] /kwal’siasi/

(senza particolari qualità)

any, ordinary, common
Prendi un libro qualsiasi. Take any book you want.
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Synonym →  ordinario
adjective [ relative, indefinite ] [ masculine-feminine, only singular ]
any, whatever, whichever
Qualsiasi decisione io prenda, per te non va mai bene. Any decision I make is never good enough for you.
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(Translation of “qualsiasi” from the GLOBAL Italian–English Dictionary © 2016 K Dictionaries Ltd)

any [adjective] every
any [pronoun, adjective] one, some, no matter which
whatever [adjective, pronoun] no matter what
whatever [relative adjective, relative pronoun] any (thing(s) or amount) that

(Translation of “qualsiasi” from the PASSWORD Italian–English Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)