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    The cocoa-powder based ice cream coating with great taste.
    Pinguino Fondente is Callebaut®’s dark ice cream coating made with cocoa powder. It has an intense cocoa taste and appealing dark colour. It creates the perfect ‘crack’ around your ice cream within seconds after dipping – without the need for tempering.
    Pinguino coatings guarantee long workability. When dipping bigger batches of ice cream or using it during longer service times, it doesn’t thicken in the melter or au bain marie. For your convenience, Pinguino comes in 5-kg buckets that can easily be heated in a microwave or au bain marie.

    Where to find Callebaut?
    Hard crack
    How to use

    Simply heat and dip or enrobe your ice creams, ice cream cakes and ice cream pralines.

    Main features

    Hardens immediately around ice cream - without the need for tempering.

    • 59.7% Fat

    Available packagings

    • SOLUTION Stiefelchaps Black Black Black Stiefelchaps Black SOLUTION SOLUTION Stiefelchaps SOLUTION Stiefelchaps
      5kg bucket

      Order code

      • YYD-A6032-651 | 5kg bucket
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      Shelf life

      • 12 months